Four Containers

Your Job Site

Before finalizing your dumpster rental, consider the layout of your job site. You need enough room for both the dumpster as well as the truck that will deliver it. The delivery driver will need plenty of room to maneuver your rental into position. If you live on a narrow lot and your job site is behind your home, this can be problematic. Is there enough room on the side of your home for a truck and dumpster to maneuver around it? Are there trees, bushes, or other structures blocking the pathway to your job site? If so, you may have to consider another location for the container.


You also have to consider overhead space. As your dumpster is offloaded from the delivery truck, the bed of the truck tilts upwards to allow the dumpster to roll into place. Tree branches and power lines will impede the delivery driver’s ability to perform a roll-off procedure. If they don’t have the vertical clearance to raise the flatbed, consider another site away from low tree branches and power lines. If your container rental has a swinging side door, make sure you have enough room to open it. A general rule of thumb when determining the size of your dumpster area is to multiply the area of your container by three. This is the amount of room you will need for a dumpster placement site.