A Commitment to Service

At Fair Waste Service, we’re no strangers to giving our customers what they want. For over 30 years we’ve provided the homes and businesses of Reed City, Clare, and Montcalm, MI, with all their salvage and metal recycling needs. Over that time, we’ve become valued members of the community, with a long list of satisfied customers to prove it. When you choose us for your residential trash pickup service needs, we’ll provide you with the same attention to detail we’ve provided all our customers going on three decades. Leave your garbage on the curb, and we’ll come and pick it up as scheduled. Have some plastic or metal that needs recycling? Place them in your residential trash container, and we’ll take those along as well. We’re part of the Montcalm, MI, community just like you. That’s why it’s so important to us that we keep it clean, free of refuse, and environmentally safe for you and your family — and it all starts with the prompt removal of trash from your curb.

Container Rentals

Some jobs are simply too big for traditional trash cans. Fair Waste Service can help you clean up after a home renovation project by renting you a roll-off container. When you rent a trash container, you’re protecting your house and family from the dangers of having loose building materials in your home or yard. If you don’t properly dispose of trash the instant it’s ready for the dumpster, you could expose your children and pets to sharp pointed edges where they could trip and fall. Furthermore, you don’t want to have to rent a truck and haul a bunch of wood, plaster, concrete, and metal to the junkyard every few hours or days. When you’re ready for your next home or garden renovation project, call us at Fair Waste Service and we’ll drop off a roll-off container to your home. Once all your work is completed, simply contact us and we’ll haul the container away. It’s that easy!

Bulky Item Removal

Not everything is going to fit into your home’s trash can. There are going to be some items — such as heavy appliances and furniture — that will have to be disposed of through other means. At Fair Waste Service, we can handle all shapes and sizes of trash. If you have a refrigerator or washing machine you need to get rid of, just give us a call and we’ll schedule a pickup. The same goes if you have too much trash. If you’ve generated too much garbage over a given week, you can schedule an additional unscheduled trash pickup with us as well.

If you’re searching for local trash service in Montcalm, MI, that provides you with the service you expect and is willing to go the extra mile, call Fair Waste Service at (989) 248-3404 today!